Hanoi Project – Me Tri

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, with the fastest economic growth rate in Asia, lays the groundwork for leaping toward another thousand years as it is developed as a Mecca of exhibitions and trade among global leaders as well as the center of diplomacy, economics, and finance.

Planning Korea set the ʻAxis of Hanoiʼs 1000-year historyʼ as a motif for the city development concept, in due consideration of the culture and history of Vietnam. The condensed power spreads out toward the whole world by being delivered to Me Tri, the city of harmony and mutual living, for another thousand years.

Me Tri is a futuristic city of harmony and mutual living in which Vietnam, with its rich history and traditions, marches toward another thousand years as part of the global community. A lake is laid out in the center of the complex and a water space has been planned. The lake is just like a diamond made with the light of a thousand years, stretching out from the old city of Hanoi.

Location: Me Tri District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Site Area: 1,200,000m²
GFA: 3,443,300m²

  • Client:Kumho E&C