Sampyo Project

This project is located at Digital Media City station, a crossing point of triple railway station of Line 6, Gyeongeui Line, and airport line. Jeungsan-dong, where the site is located, is a crossing point of nature/urban, new town/old town, residence/office, and local districts.

After reviewing consumer research and feasibility studies, Planning Korea set three target groups based on its local character; ʻUrban Economistʼ centering young 1-2 households, ʻMulti Creativeʼ a creative professionals in Digital Media City, and ʻCosmo Nomadʼ with global lifestyle. By applying their needs, Planning Korea proposed a ʻUrban Creative Maisonʼ style architecture and program plan composing proper rate of floor area between residential, office, retail, and hotel.

Location: 223-20 Jeungsan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Site Area: 7,836m²
GFA: 45,189m²

  • Client:Sampyo E&C