Tower Hotel Renovation – Banyan Tree Club & Spa

Tower Hotel is a resort hotel in the mountains, rarely found in the worldʼs metropolitan cities. It is located in an excellent position in terms of theories of topography. It is a family-resting club community in the city with an emotional aristocracy that reflects the lifestyle of 3rd-generation creative leaders with expectations of new clubs and hotels.

Planning Korea suggested a family-oriented resort-type club community that enables the circulation of nature and smooth communications based on the motif of the twelve landscapes of Gyumje Jeong Sunʼs True-view Landscape Painting to utilize the geographical conditions with exceptional views through Gangnam and Gangbuk. In addition, a new business model has been created by introducing a lot-out system of club membership.

Location: 201 Jangchung-dong, Joong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Site Area: 73,194m²

  • Client:Urban Oasis