Bai Long Project

The project site is located in Central Park of Wangjing, Beijing. It is center of international business district where numerous embassy are located. Also the center of natural environment where has value of nature. Planning Korea is proposing the business plan, development plan, and architecture and space program to build the World Liquor Natural Heritage Museum for Chinese liquor cultural development with Asian Star Group & China Culture Relics Protection Foundation.

The World Liquor Natural Heritage Museum will discover and exhibit traditional liquors to public and expand its business to create liquor as cultural merchandise. Also Healthcare Center, Stem-cell Research Center which related to Life Science Research Industry are plan to adopted in this development as to develop as a future leading industry. There will be Bai Long Club which includes variety of cultural & social facilities for high-end society.

Location: Wangjing, Beijing, China
Site Area: 100,000m²

  • Client:Asian Star Group