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The Future of Blockchain



BHOM, which stands for BLOCKCHAIN HOME, is a blockchain-based property transaction & investment platform.
It is a DApp commercial service which allows users to quickly and safely invest in properties using smart contracts and cryptocurrency.


Our Vision

Life-friendly Blockchain Technology

By pioneering the era of blockchain commercialization, BHOM pursues the goal to reduce the time that consumers need to buy and sell property using cryptocurrency. Without the help of experts, users can apply the life-friendly blockchain technology to trade property directly or to pay rent with cryptocurrency.


Digitization of Real Estate Assets

Property transactions via cryptocurrency help the consumers to react quickly to fluctuations in the economy. Consumers can manage their assets ideally by balancing two different values; the stability of property assets and the fluidity of cryptocurrencies.


Extension of BHOM Community

The BHOM Community pursues the connection and distribution of the components of the city. Architecture is the fundamental element of a city and therefore the starting point for the blockchain community envisioned by BHOM. Various activities, starting from properties to everyday lives, will be connected with the BHOM community.


BHOM dreams of a city community connected by the blockchain. The BHOM community is the “distributed community for the masses,” where the power of control, energy, transportation, and wealth distribution occurs. BHOM pursues a “blockchain city” based on this community.




project title: BHOM
joint company: BHOM LAB (Planning Korea, Radroach Soft, etc.)
headquarters: Paris, France and Seoul, Korea

This project was featured in JoongAng Daily, MTN(MoneyToday Network), News1, and to be updated more.