COLOC co-living apartment



Co-living & co-working space
for all contemporary life-goers
to live, work, and play together


What is Coloc

Coloc, the abbreviation word of “colocation/collocation”, means a roommate or a resident of the same space. We want to create a co-living apartment with independent spaces, yet at the same time a natural home for people to mingle with others.

Coloc is a co-living and co-working space for all contemporary life-goers. Under our motto of “Play, Live, Work” Coloc pursues the harmonic and enjoyable lifestyle with work-life balance. We anticipates multiple sparks around from living together and working together in an integrated complex. Coloc supports the new thinkers, movers, adapters, being ready to share themselves for better life together.


Why Coloc

The increase of one-person households and the rate of residence burden of one-person households appear to be a problem to be solved globally. In addition, the importance of the single-person household market is growing, that is a issue at the national level.
According to statistics, 50% of the millennial households have a living space in the city by renting. And if they live in single-person household, not only will there be a lack of time and money, the consumption will be increased accordingly.
Thus, we would like to make a co-living apartment, the better residential product that can enjoy a higher level of lifestyle than before. We are not renovating, but planning a building from the beginning, and trying to design a program.


Life in Coloc World

Living in Coloc means to share each other to create a culture together.

ensure the individual privacy and provide free environment for sharing and cooperation
improve quality of life by providing essential services to life (wifi internet, room cleaning, laundry and other essential necessities)
provide empirical services that enrich your life (social networking, hobby sharing and networking-based businesses, etc.) to promote diverse online and offline communities
global partnership to enable to live as a Digital Nomad through connection with world’s co-living and co-working networks


Coloc is an integrated multi-purposed complex composed of spaces for living, entertaining, and working in one building.
The residential space prioritize the individual privacy and consider the diversity of personal living pattern. The working space maximizes the value of individual brands and supports them to work together in a collaborative environment.
Other public spaces are utilized for productive activities, relaxation, networking and other purposes for creative people who are interested and capable in various fields.