The Objet

Planning Korea has been releasing some creative and unique maison designs by comprehending Jeju’s natural beauties, geological and humanitarian stories. Among the many valuable natural heritages of Jeju, it is ‘Gotjawal Forest’ that captivated the interest of Planning Korea. ‘Gotjawal Forest’, which is a unique place where plants and trees are formed above the volcanic rocks, is a micro cosmos filled with springs of vitality at the valleys intertwined with rocks and roots.

From the matrix of ‘Soomgol (breathing valley)’, Gotjawal is able to maintain moderate temperature and humidity throughout the year, and also to embrace biodiversity.

With the common motif from Gotjawal, THE COCOON protects the creature growing in the Gotjawal forest; THE MOBIUS represents the ecological flexibility and eternity of life; and THE OBJET connotes the sound of Gotjawal forest.

The Soomgol of Gotjawal is like a sound box that contains and releases the many sounds of the forest. The swaying tree branches, singing birds, whispering flowers and the sound of the running streams…. As the winds pass through Soomgol, vibration and wavelength resonate through the valley.

The semi-open structure of THE OBJET encompasses the graceful movements occurred at Soomgol.

The wide pond surrounding the maison expresses the spring of Soomgol. The large frames of the 1st floor let the wind and sound of nature pass in and out of the house, so that the house has plentiful sunlight and ventilation. Besides, instead of dividing up spaces, the separation of indoor and outdoor space is blurred by means of the courtyard, terrace, and ponds. In such manner, the ocean view and nature surrounding the maison are brought inside, enabling a closer experience towards nature. With circular windows that symbolize the sound box from the sound of Soomgol, the 2nd floor, in comparison to the first floor, is rather secluded for privacy.

THE OBJET is designed to be appreciated as an Objet, or an art piece.

This house was featured in designboom.

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