The Oval

It is a maison-type condominium inspired by the Gotjawal forest that the unique forest at which trees and plants naturally grew above the volcanic rocks.

Starting from the Jeju Cocoon House last year, over the Moebius house, and to the Objet House, Planning Korea has been steadly released maison designs with keep its unique identity. As the finale, the sixth maison ‘The Oval’ is just unveiled.

Framing the beautiful scenery of the Gotjawal forest The Oval brings the nature into the house. The Oval puts emphasis on the oval-shaped atrium as a design motif of the house with overally enabled to interact with nature.

Being surrounded by the nature and through the courtyard within, The Oval is designed to feel the four seasons of Gojawal all the time insdie and outside of the house. On 1st floor, the ocean can be viewed through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the wide terrace linked to the living room opens up the space extending the view out to the outside.

There is a luxurious staircase that wraps around the oval courtyard. There is a separated master zone on 2nd floor for private activities with terrace garden, which is suitable for outdoor parties.

This house was featured in desginboom.

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