The Mineral

A house that is inspired by mineral—an indicator of pure nature—is about to be realized in Jeju, Korea. ‘The Mineral’ is a maison that will be operated as a condominium, overlooking the southern coastline of Jeju, the pure island of Korea. The Mineral is part of the Jeju Airest City-Berjaya Jeju Resort project that Planning Korea has been involved with its integrated masterplan and creative PM.

From the design motif of the pattern observed from the crystals of rich minerals in basaltic rocks at Gotjawal Forest, the maison symbolizes purity and vitality of the mineral. Gotjawal is a unique forest at which trees and plants naturally grew above the volcanic rocks. The tree roots grasp firmly around the vasaltic rocks, which absorbs water like a sponge through its perforated surface and also functions as a water purifier. Its architectural design is developed from the mineral crystals that resolve through the springs of the micro-cosmos, and provides pods of small living spaces.

The maison is laid around the ten meters-wide swimming pool at the center, which view extends out to the ocean. There is also a rooftop garden that is large enough to enjoy walks on. Through the skylights on the unique roofline, one can easily enjoy watch the stars scattered across the Jeju sky. Specifically planned for leisure businesses and also a party place, The Mineral provides with creative and flexible space that can easily alter upon purposes.

In addition, the house can be divided up into multiple spaces through four separate entrances. The Mineral’s structure for spatial division provides privacy for each space. The spaces with acute angles are placed between the rooms and add a modern twist to the interior of the maison.

This house was featured in desginboom.

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